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How to recover data from scratched/damaged CDs and DVDs

We often wonder if we can play our old damaged CDs or DVDs or we just want to recover an important data from damaged/scratched discs.We sometimes gives external treatment to the cd by polishing it but it occasionally fails to solve our problem.But this problem can be easily sort out by using a simple software tool i.e Get My Videos Back, that can be downloaded free from here.

Get My Videos Back is a small and simple application specificly designed to help you save video or audio files from scratched CDs or DVDs quickly and easy. This tool has several different options and features to save your media files.One of the features it includes is "byte mode" where you can read the source file from byte to byte. This might be helpfull if the source media has lots of small scratches.

  1. Download the software from here,and run GVMB.exe file.
  2. Click open and start button.
  3. Select the Source file and then Destination location.

The source file type by default supports all type of media file like MPEG,MP3,MP4 etc. But i had tried to recover several other formats of file by changing file type to All files instead of All media files during the source file selection step and it works perfectly for that also.So this program which is built basically to recover media files can recover almost all file formats.

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