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Create Best Facebook Timeline Cover with your own Photos

In Facebook's major update of this year they rolled out a new kind of profile called as Facebook timeline. Now most of users are having  Facebook profile as Timeline. The major feature of this timeline is cover image and profile image(it has been made in square dimension). Some people are getting annoyed with this new profile as they love old profile look. But after reading this post they might start loving this timeline because they will experience the real creativity of this timeline.

There are many site which provides great looking Facebook cover photos but they lack your personal touch to it.  As the timeline is yours so it needs to be you at there also. Now I will quickly jump to " how to create " awesome looking cover picture that are blended with the profile image that gives a  really cool look to your timeline. You might have tired spending time in Photoshop to create this stunning effect but now its one click to create them. Now you can create personalised creative Facebook  cover photos for your profile/timeline and fan pages quickly and quite easily.

In this site there are various timeline covers to choose from, which can be edited online to make them more personalised and cool. Apart from that it also have Facebook cover online editor where you can upload your own photos to make creative timeline cover which are blended with the profile picture(as shown in screen shot). It also have various tools for writing text, text effects, photo colour correction, adding shapes and clip art etc. to your uploaded photo. And you can easily save the profile photo and timeline cover using the buttons there.

Tricked Out Timeline makes it easy to create amazing Facebook Cover Photos.It provides various effects to your timeline photo. There are four effects to choose from:

"Merge Profile & Cover Photo" effect : This effect merges your profile photo seamlessly with your cover photo.
Merge Effect (Example)

"Missing Jigsaw Piece" effect: This effect turns your cover photo into a jigsaw puzzle, with the missing piece as your profile picture.
Jigsaw Piece Effect (Example)

"Tear Off The Bottom Edge" effect: This effect gives the impression that the bottom of your Cover Photo has been torn off.
Tear Off Effect (Example)

"Profile Picture Zoom" effect: This effect keeps zooming in on your profile picture as your cover photo
Zoom Effect(Example)

Good thing about both the above sites is that they do not make watermark on your created timeline covers.

Hope you are ready with your creative ideas to show on your timeline.Do share your creative timelines in the comments below.


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