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Java emulator for pc

Emulator is a software that allows to execute programs by different platforms,which were not actually dedicated for that platform.
A java emulator is used to run the java mobile (j2me) games and applications on your windows pc.It would help us to test the java aplications (or games) on pc before you transfer it into you mobile phone , thereby saving a lot of your time.

There are different emulators available on net but what i personally recommend is the KEmulator .This software is simple to use, yet widely adjustable. There is no need for installation - just extract contents of .rar archieve in desired directory. After that it is possible to set your .jar files to open with KEmulator.exe.

Before download
It is needed, that you must have Java Runtime Environment (JRE) installed on your computer, in order to run java content. If it is not, download and install from official java website.It is completely free.

After you have installed JRE, you can run this java emulator and enjoy jour .jar's.
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