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How to Go Offline in Facebook new chat sidebar

Users who have been upgraded to Facebook New Chat sidebar system of chat, might have finding difficulties in controlling the settings of the chat. Users are unable to find the settings of the the chat to Go offline as the settings button of the Facebook new Chat Side Bar is not working properly.

To solve this problem ,I have a simple trick for you all.First of all Login to your Facebook Account:

  • Click on this link
  • This will open the Pop-out chat in a new window.

    Facebook Pop-Out Chat

  • On top of left side bar ,you will be able to access the Chat Options, similar to the options of previous Chat Box system of Facebook.
  • Click on Options.
  • Then click Go offline.
  • You are done ,you may close this tab/window now.

Hope you liked this simple trick. 

Update[7 july 2011]: As now the Settings Button of  the Facebook New Chat SideBar is working perfectly,

So To Go OffLine In Facebook New Chat Sidebar
  • Click On Settings Button On bottom right of the Facebook chat sidebar and then un-check Available to chat .

Uncheck - Available to Chat

  • To Go online again on Facebook Chat , then click Available.

Facebook Chat Settings - Available to Chat

Using this Facebook Chat Sidebar Settings Button you can also hide the Chat Sidebar and also alter ,to play sound when you receive message, But If you want more setting For you Facebook Chat like Options for your Friend list etc. Then you have to Pop-Out your chat using the link given above in this post and can access the Facebook chat options like in the Old Facebook chat box system.

If finding difficulty in Facebook new Chat Sidebar , share your difficulties by dropping comments below.

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