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Google's Official URL Shortner G.CO
Again its Google that has brought something new under his pocket , Now it was the turn of URL shortening . In the world of URL the bigger is not better, so there is need of URL shorteners but often these Shortened url creates a problem to identify what's behind them ,an genuine website or a spamming link , to solve this problem Google had emerged out with his New URL shortener (on 18/7/2011) which would be specifically used for the Google services or products. Users can click on the these shortened link

from Google's confidently as these would be from the Google's genuine products. The Google's  previously launched URL shortener will remain as it is for the public use to shorten up the URLs across the web. Google hoping to get more trust of people on the Google services, by launching this new  URL official shortener.

What do you think about ,the official URL shortener by Google . Do comment 


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