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Google Makes New Changes to the looks of Web Search

Today I came across clean and clearer looks of Google's changed web search page. In this changed look of Google web search you will observe changes in the font,colour and other new visual changes used in the web search by Google . You will notice the changes like:
  • The hyperlink in Google web search are not underlined.
  • The colour have been been changed slightly but remained blue.
  • The colour of the URL also remains the same but slightly different tone of green colour.
  • The text in the new web search have enhanced readability.
  • It looks more clearer , and has more focus on the title of web page and its URL with the use of more contrast colours.

Below is the screen shot of Google web search's changed new looks.

For more screenshot Click Here.

What Do you think about Google's changed looks? Have you also came across this new Google's changed web search? Do share your view about this in comment section.


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