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Integrate Google+, Facebook & Twitter Using Browser extension

As battle continues between Google+ and Facebook to become the sole winner for the battle of social networking but the users don't want to start their social networks from the scratch. So here is a browser extension (available for Google chrome and Mozilla Firefox) that will integrate Account on different social networking sites like Facebook, Google +, twitter and LinkedIn .
Gooce+ is an extension developed by the Italian company CMIP. Gooce is compatible with Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Complete social network integration: read and post to Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin now with a new feature Google Plus Extension Search

Google Plus Extension Search is the search engine from Gooce+ on Google Plus. . A search format within Google Plus profiles including information posted by users about themselves, products, brands or a specific topic.

For those who had already downloaded GOOCE+, Google Plus Extension Search will be loaded into their profile automatically, in the right side panel, all the others can simply find the extension in the web and download it. For everybody, the only charge requested is a one-off fee of just one Euro.

You would enjoy a complete social network integration to operate on all of them at the same time: read and post to Facebook, Twitter , Linkedin and a Search engine on Google plus!

Gooce+ plug-in allows users to:

  • Find out contents from Google Plus public posts
  • Identify Google user profiles
  • Identify profiles on the bases of public information: job, place, education (according to users privacy setting)
  • Find out pictures, videos and links on Google Plus
  • Integrating research directly on Google Plus
  • Keep unspoilt Google Plus original layout and design
  • No advertising banners

For Chrome Users: Click Here
For Mozilla Firefox Users: Click here

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