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Facebook's Advanced Settings for Chat

Facebook have revised its chat settings for the chat sidebar, now you will be able to handle your visibility on chat more efficiently with these advanced settings.These advanced settings give you a few different visibility options with which you can:
  • Stay online (available) to most friends and go offline (unavailable) to specific friends or friend lists.
  • Stay offline (unavailable) to most friends and go online (available) to specific friends or friend lists.
  • Go offline (unavailable) to all friends.
To Change the Facebook chat settings Click on chat gear[] at bottom of sidebar and then click on Advanced Settings....

Then a pop will appear with Advanced Chat Settings:
Advanced chat settings
There are three options:
  • All your friends see you except.. : In this you can fill the name of the Person(s) / List(s) to whom you want to appear offline . If you want to appear online to all then leave this box blank.
  • Only some friends see you.. : With this you can go online to only specific people that you enlist in the box below it. If keep the box empty, you will get offline to all.
  • No One sees you (Go Offline ): This is as simple as Go Offline option and you will get offline to all.
If you get stucked somewhere and let things as default, then select "All your friends see you except.. " and then keep the box empty and click Save.

Quick Tip:If you want to go offline to any one person quickly, then click the  [at the top of the chat window], and select Go Offline to X.

Have you used these Advanced settings to enhance your Facebook chat experience. Do you require more advanced settings? Do  comment.

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