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Manage Your Inbox: Unsubscribe/Delete Bulk Emails with a Quick Online Tool

Is your email account filled up with lot of newsletters, daily deals, special offers, useless subscriptions, bulk mails, junk messages etc.??  And you are tired of deleting them manually daily. Lazy to unsubscribe them or perhaps you don’t know to which unnecessary things you have been subscribed which you loved some day but now you don’t feel any interest in them and have stopped using them. This happens to most of us but manually finding , unsubscribing and creating email filters for them is tiresome job.
Easily unsubscribe From Junk and Bulk Mails

Here is a quick solution to this very big problem. It has been possible by online service called Swizzle Inbox Manager ( previously  Unsubscribr ), which will help to save your inbox from email overlaod by giving you an option to check the active subscriptions on your email and then let you unsubscribe and delete those junk/bulk email messages. Once you enter your email and with verifivcation you will be able to see the list of subscribed services with two options in front of them, one is just to unsubscribe form the service and the other option actually deletes all previous emails from your account too to get rid of those useless emails. In Gmail you might have used the ‘Search’ options and created filters to manage your email but this online tool seems like a more easier and simpler options which does not take a lot of time.

It works on special process called OAuth to sign in to your email account which look for special parts of email messages to determine whether the message is bulk mail or not. Software just examines them for the telltale signs of bulk. A very similar manner to what you do to sort your regular snail mail. It pick out a random subject line and unsubscribe information from mail that has been identified as bulk so you can use it during the unsubscribe process.

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