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How to disable hibernation in Windows 7/Vista/Xp

You may have come across a situation when disk space of your C:/ Drive is decreasing day by day.You may have tried Disk clean up or Disk Defragmentation to recover your disk space,but all these efforts sometimes goes in vain but its time to get your disk space back .Your disk space may be decreasing due to system generated file ie. HIBERFIL.SYS which is used by windows for hibernation.It is a file that the system creates when the computer goes into hibernation mode. Windows uses the file when it is turned back on. If you don't need hibernation mode and want to delete the file you need to turn the hibernation option off before Windows will allow you to delete the file.

Procedure for Windows 7/Vista:

1. Go to Command Prompt (or click on start menu and type cmd)

2. Type powercfg -h off [press enter]

3. Now hibernation will be off on your system.

4. To renable hibernation type powercfg -h on [press enter]

Procedure for windows XP:

This procedure makes use of the graphical user interface.

  1. Go to
    Start > Control Panel > Power Option

  2. Uncheck the Enable Hibernation box(under the hibernate tab) if you don't need the hibernation function.

Now locate hyberfil.sys in your system's C:/ drive and delete it to have your precious disk space back for use.

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