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How to stop Autoplay in USB Flash Drives

Now a days USB flash drives have become main source(apart from internet) of spreading virus from one computer to another. when we insert a pendrive to our system it shows us an Autoplay dialog box with some good options .But this autoplay becomes problem a virus also get autplayed with it(it is the main strategy of most common virus to get autplayed). This happens due to the file "Autorun.inf". You may delete this file to protect your pendrive , but to protect your computer from other's pendrive we have to stop the 'Autoplay' as soon as we insert the pendrive.To do this there is a simple step you have to follow.

To stop the autoplay , simply press SHIFT key , this will disable the autoplay dialog box.Not only flash drives, it also stops autoplay for CD and DVD.

It works well with all WindowsOS , just give it a try and drop your comments.


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