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How to increase security of your Facebook account

Facebook had always been targeted when it comes to the security of your account on any social networking site.But this time facebook has come up with a feature that the security community was eagerly waiting.Facebook will let the users connect to Facebook using an HTTPS secure web connection ,which offers an extra assurance that they are connecting to website that they intend to reach , while also encrypting the data sent between the PC and Facebook.

This encryption makes it safer for people who log onto Facebook in places that have insecure wireless networks. It’s easy to sniff unencrypted Web traffic on unsecured Wi-Fi networks, so a hacker could start stealing information from people who are logged onto the network.

This will also let the users to protect themselves from the attack of a "Firesheep" ,a firefox plugin which lets anyone log into a victim’s Facebook account. Facebook users will just need to change their security settings to turn on the HTTPS option ,it may not be yet available to all users. But Facebook expects it to gradually become more widespread.

Facebook Account Activity

Under "Account settings" you can also check your "Account activity" which gives you the details of you login locations of your previous logs , if you find any suspicious locations you can 'end activity' it ,thereby protecting your account.

If you demand more security features from facebook, try giving suggestions below.


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