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Facebook New Smart Lists : An inside look

Previously I had shared the blog post from the Facebook about the Facebooks new improved lists, Now i am going to give more inside look of this feature from my experience on  it.

It starts from Here:

Facebook Says,List are easy,optional way to:
  • See more in News feed from your close friends
  • Keep your different life in a separate. 
  • Share your posts with just the right people.
The three main division of you lists will be :
  • Close friends: Your best friends, who show up more in news feed.
  • Acquaintances: Friends who should show up less less in news feed.
  • Restricted: friends who can only see posts and pfofile info you make public.

Apart from the three basic you will have Smart lists that update automatically based on your friends profiles to save your time . In the above screenshot you can see that there are a Smart Lists based on my profile information on Facebook , like where  i work at ie, the school where i studied, the location where i am currently living and some more based upon the profile on Facebook.

Now lets have a closer look what does thses actually mean to us, viz. if u want to share your updates with a particular set of people then you can easily do that by use of these lists. It will help you to share with just the right people,you will have a better control over your privacy by using this list see the screen shot below.

Accessing these lists is very simple. They are placed on the left sidebar of your Facebook homepage. With this you will have a quick access to the updates and photos of the friend who you care about the most while skiping the updates from acquaintances you dont know well.

                   Adding friends to list is very simple. Just Go to the specific list from the left sidebar and then type the name of the friend to whom you want to add your can simply choose from the list of auto-suggestions.

                                    Adding friends to smart list also follows the same procedure but there is little additional dialog box for this that says "When you add a friend to a smart list , we'll suggest that they update their profile , friend will receive a suggestion to do that update which he/she can choose to accept or ignore it. 

"In both the cases [i.e Simple lists or smart lists] The Facebook will never tell your when you add them to close friends, acquaintances or other regular(non-smart) list. "

Hope this post had help to have an inside look and hand on experience of Facebook improved list for friends.Do share your views about the Facebook lists in comments.


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