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Facebook New Subscribe Button: A Complete Review

Facebook, the social giant makes a new move by introducing the subscribe button for your profile to let the non-friend members of the Facebook to see your Facebook shares using the Subscribe feature.This Feature works similar to the Twitter's and Google+'s follow button .The difference is that in the Google+ you have a Different Circle for the people to whom you are 'following' .After the Launch of Facebook's smart list in which you can make a list of different set of people similar to Google+'s Circle but The circle named as 'Following' was missing in the Facebook Smart list. So Facebook introduced this as separate feature and named it as Subscribe .Now lets have some closer look at the Facebook's Subscribe button and How to get Subscribers and subscribe others.

"You need not to Subscribe your friends as they had already been subscribed, but you can refine your feed subscription of individual friend(which is discussed later on in this post.)"

What Does the Subscribe means?

When you allow people to subscribe, anyone who’s interested can get public updates you share from your profile, right in their News Feeds. This lets you share with a broader audience, while reserving personal updates for people you know well.You can have an unlimited number of subscribers, and easily update them from your mobile phone.

How To Get Subscribers?
  • Go to your profile and click Subscriptions on the left side of the page, under your profile picture.
  • Click "Allow Subscribers" at the top of this tab.
  • After you click "Allow Subscribers" your settings appear. From here, you can edit who can comment on your public posts and when you’re notified about new subscribers.

You can also go to to start allowing people to subscribe to your public updates.

How to Subscribe Others?

To Subscribe a person on Facebook who has allowed to Subscribe his/her public post/Updates to non-friend on Facebook . Go to the person's profile ,now click on the subscribe button. Yes! its done!. Very simple

How to Edit feed Subscription ?

You can fine tune your news feed by clicking on the subscribe button on the profile of the Friend or a Public figure/person. The Option available in the subscribe button of the friends is are much more and little different from the option available for non-friend Facebook member.

In case of Friend you can fine tune your news feed as :
All updates:Every thing a friend posts.
Most updates: What you normally get.
Only Important:Just highlights,like a new job or move.
You can also adjust what type of updates do you want to subscribe like life events,status updates,photos and videos,games,comments and likes etc..
In case of non friend you have pretty similar kind of options but the main difference is that you will only able to get the public updates by that person.

You can easily unsubscribe the updates from any person by just clicking the Unsubscribe from the menu of Facebook Subscribe button.

Why and who should use Subscribe button?

If you are an individual who wants to share your updates with a larger audience, you may want to use a profile with subscribers. Public Figures, like Mark Zuckerberg, can use a profile with subscribe, a Page, or both. A profile with subscribers is ideal if you want to personally connect with people who are interested in you. It's fun to receive updates from friends and others that you want to subscribe to, and it’s easy to publish to your subscribers on the go. Anyone who subscribes to your profile can receive your public posts in their News Feed. If you are a business or organization, like Facebook, you can only use a Page.

Here are some specific features of each product:

I would love to know your opinion on new Facebook subscribe Button. Are you planning to use your profile to outreach to millions of Facebook users by setting your privacy as public and enabling Facebook subscribe feature? Do comment.
For more Faq's on Facebook Subscribe button you can check out this guide by Facebook and can also learn about managing Subscribe Button here.


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