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How to Convert Your Android Smart Phone to a Simple phone

Your Smartphone does all the work for you but its smart depends on how smart are you. You do loads of tasks on your Android smartphone but sometimes being smart is not required ie. when we are going to use our smartphone to just make a telephone call and SMS. Apart from that when your Mom or grandparents  see your Android phone and they just fear to touch it. It happens with me most of the time when my grandparents want to make a phone call from my phone and they demand simplicity. So there is an app which will convert your Android phone in to a simple phone . You might have got tired from the complexities of all cool apps but  today its going to get simple with  Phonotto, a wonderful breath of fresh air, it allows you to make/receive calls and send/receive SMS: no frills and no unnecessary features and makes your phone easy!!. Also the  smartest way to convert a smartphone into a simple phone for seniors. Have a look at simple interface of Phonotto with simple design and large buttons. [Click Here To install]

Phonotto - Simple Phone For Senior

The important features of its interface are:
  •  Large home screen optimized for elderly people and people with bad sight
  •  Big buttons and large fonts for all the basic functions of the phone - Telephone and SMS
  •  Simple wizard to send SMS
  •  Automatically loads on start-up.

I hope the older people  who were just scared of touch screen devices because of its complex interface will love to have an android smartphone in their hands and  Phonotto will make them happy! and also it can make your more focused to work at working hours :p 

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