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How to Save/Print Web Page as PDF in Google Chrome Without Using Any Extension

PDF[Portable Document file] the most commonly used document format , while surfing net there might have been a situation when You have found an awesome article on internet but you want to read it later offline or You have made an on-line transaction and want to print its slip but not having printer or you want to convert a Html file to PDF but the thing you might knew earlier was that you need a PDF writer software
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which can  do these tasks but now it has gone far simpler with Google Chrome and that too without any Software/extension , Just press CTRL+P and your job is done. See the screen shot if it seemed tough.  Just try to test on this webpage!

CTRL+P will let you reach here
As you can see in the above screen shot that I have been using various PDF writing tools like Foxit PDF Printer, PrimoPDF , doPDF [ my personal favourite PDF writer] all these are capable of creating PDF from any printable document file like  .DOC, .PPT, .HTML etc. But if you want only to print a webpage or HTML file then you don't need any of these or any extension in Google chrome as it now supports to print any webpage to PDF as its InoBuilt feature.
So You Just have to Press CTRL + P and you will reach there. Boom! its done!

Bonus Tips: 

  • You can not only create PDF using print command in the Google Chrome but  you can also read your created PDF in Google chrome hassle free. Adobe reader is no more needed when you have Google Chrome.
  • If you want to create a PDF file having only selected pages from the PDF stored in your PC , Just open it using Google Chrome and then use CTRL+ P [Print command] and fill the page number, in the print dialog box, that you want to get converted in to new PDF file.

Hope you liked this idea!. Do comment if you liked this new In-Built feature of Google Chrome.


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