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Instantly send music, movies, presentations or any other files via Browser

Sometimes we want to send large file over the internet which most of the email services don't allow us to  do so. The max file size of attachment  is 25 MB for a single email and to send a large file we may need to split the file. You may also send it by uploading at file sharing sites but that is not affordable sometimes and it may risk your privacy. But what we are here going to do is to transfer the files directly to the peer without being stored anywhere. Pipebytes allows to send music, movies, presentation or any kind of files via browser at free of cost, you don't need to install any kind of software or plugin/extension etc. and you don't even need to register on the site and no hassle to fill email address, all you need is a browser and your file. It supports all major browsers on all popular operating systems. The peer can download the file as soon as it uploads from your side. It offers a speed of 5 Mbps and speed up to 30 Mbps per transfer with Speed pass[24-hour Speed Pass for $0.99] which is very cheap.

Lets see how it works:
Open in your browser.
Choose the file that you want to send and click transfer file, you will be then  prompted with a pick up code.

Forward the pick up code to file recipient. Once recipient enters the code he/she will be able see the details about the file that is going to be received and click on start transfer to start the file transfer.

Once the file transfer had started, the sender will also be able to see the progress of file transfer [ Note: You should not close the browser tab/window till the whole transfer is done ]
Its very simple and all just happens within the browser. You can send file of any size anywhere you want to send.

Its very easy way to send large files to anyone. Hope you find this useful.


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